Emergency vehicles from around the world - September 2013

Emergency vehicles from around the world - September 2013

A collection of submitted and sourced images of emergency appliances from around the world.

29th September Twitter - Shane Roberts @Baabau
I spent some time down at the fire station today. #CFA #Hopetoun #HFB pic.twitter.com/A7bgCdQnnt

26th September 2013 Twitter - Nick. @NVela_14

“@KellysPics: Lance Berkman donated this fire truck to the city of West, TX this afternoon pic.twitter.com/QXpYFgJ1Cp

MFB Ultralarge Pumper - Dandenong South carpet factory fire 19th September 2013. Pic: CFA News

17th September 2013 Twitter - Community Resilience @Resilience_UK

Treated to a tour oF LGW's Fire and Rescue Service. #panther #emergencyservice pic.twitter.com/uxfXTzqcyd

15th September 2013 Twitter - Kayak999 @Sr_comm_kayak

@emergencyimage (iam @GTAemergency) pic.twitter.com/pB7BrZ7C21

13th September 13 Twitter - Dave Rollens @ausrollo

@tyabblemons @emergencyimage @deshuis @firey81 Found This Today. #firetruck #armyfiretruck pic.twitter.com/rREWxEwRe6

3AW Melbourne @3AW693

RT: @SimoLove "Victoria has a Australian first new communications truck/beast for fighting bushfires @3AW693 pic.twitter.com/MKINgRzOp0"

8th September 2013 Twitter - Tameside Radio @tamesideradio

Come and play on the fire engine at Hyde Fire Station open day pic.twitter.com/RVP1CNVVzp

5th September 2013 Twitter - East Lake FD @EastLakeFD

@BaldwinCoFire On scene of a vehicle fire off 441 north. Vehicle was out upon arrival. pic.twitter.com/m0bUvrDCCa

3rd September 2013 Twitter - Alex Cooke @alexcooke

Transporter 10B arriving at West Melbourne fire scene #firevic pic.twitter.com/ofYVlc5LE6

1St September 13 Twitter - GTA EMERGENCY TEAMS @GTAemergency

@CameronW970 ooo nice! This is alnwicks newest one pic.twitter.com/WK2wKBRfDU